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Air dryer 40bar High Pressure Air Dryer

Air dryer  40bar High Pressure Air Dryer


Air dryer 40bar High Pressure Air Dryer

Category: Air Dryer

Teachnical Specification : 
  • Air Cooled Type & Water Cooled Type
  • Dew Point : 2-10 degree C
  • Max Inlet Temperature :80 degree C
  • Ambient Temperature : 40 degree C
  • Capacity : 1.2m3-400m3
  • Max Working Pressure : 16bar
Features : Model : PSW & CSW
  1. Shell Stainless Steel, strong corrosion resistance, no secondary pollution (PSW ALL MODEL)
  2. Shell carbon steel, stable copper tube heat exchanger evoparator & condenser with anti-corrosion treatment.(CSW model)
  3. Thickened evaporator pipelines make dryers more stable 
  4. Ripple pipeline of both internal & external of the heat exchanger to increase the using rate of cooling air, adverse current structure, perfect returning temperature & it won't freeze.
  5. Outer cooling fan with large volumn, low noise & long life if switch frequently.

PSW-1HTF 1.2M3.MIN 230/1/50 RC 1'' 630x450x640
PSW-2HTF 2.4M3/MIN 230/1/50 RC 1'' 700x450x830
PSW-3HTF 3.8M3/MIN 230/1/50 RC 1.5'' 850x500x920
PSW-6HTF 6.5M3/MIN 230/1/50 RC 1.5'' 880x550x1020
PSW-8HTF 8.5M3/MIN 230/1/50 RC 2'' 1050x580x1000
PSW-10HTF 10.7M3/MIN 415/3/50 RC 2'' 1180x670x1080
PSW-13HTF 13.5M3/MIN 415/3/50 DN65 1180x670x1080
CSW-15HTF 18M3/MIN 415/3/50 DN80 1400x640x1310
CSW-20HTF 25M3/MIN 415/3/50 DN80 1400x640x1310




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